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Solar Panel for Zone 1


Our SPA 130 Photo Voltaic Solar Panel is an EExme certified product for use in Category 2 or 3 (Zone 1 or 2) areas.This new pioneering product, which is a world first, is proving to be popular as the need for renewable energy is very much in the forefront of industry. Typical applications for this new energy and cost saving concept is to be installed in locations where conventional power and labour requirements are difficult to obtain but are potentially hazardous due to the surrounding atmosphere.

Typical applications for this new energy and cost saving concept are to monitor remote pipelines and unmanned offshore oil & gas installations where the location and the proximity of a hazardous area, deem conventional power sources and manpower to be less economical.

Supplied along with our Solar Panels, we offer a wide range of EEx Solar Controller’s & Battery Systems, providing a full and completely self contained power system.

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Solar Panel for Zone 2


The SPA 230 , 250 , and 260 photo voltaic Solar Panel is an ATEX Ex nAC certified product for Zone 2 gas hazardous area applications. The cells of the panel are encapsulated between a tempered glass cover and EVA pottant to provide maximum protection in the most extreme environmental conditions.

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